College: Spring Break Must Haves

Spring Break is right around the corner for college students across the land. Are you ready for your trip to Panama City Beach or Cancun? Here is a list of what made my last spring break trip rock:


First and for more the main thing you’ll need is sunscreen. If you’re heading to the beach, you’ll need protection for Winter bod. Pick something with a higher SPF – Don’t be worried about not getting tan. Your sunscreen will wear off so you’ll need to reapply, and you’ll get tan in between coats.

Creative Hidden Booze Container

Spend a little money on a container to hold your booze as you walk around but be careful not to get caught with open container. I would suggest a creative flask like one shaped like a camera or hairbrush.

Fanny Pack

Stay hands free and don’t worry about losing your purse – What more could you want? Plus you’ll look like you’re ready for the party. Get funky with the design!


Dash Out the Door Makeup

Don’t waste your time on getting all dolled up for the beach. People won’t care much and after a while and a few drinks neither will you. Swipe on the essentials minutes before walking out the door. I suggest Mary Kay CC Cream with SPF, a cute lipgloss, and mascara (preferably waterproof).  

Sandals That Stay On

Flip-Flops are handy and cheap but I suggest going with something more sturdy that you won’t have to worry about losing on the beach. There will be lots of people running into you and sandals can get lost real quick in a crowd. Try something more like a gladiator sandal.

A Dressy Cover-Up

Grab a dress-like top to throw over your cute swimsuit. You’ll be happy to have one as you walk into restaurants or bars along the beach. Pick one you can roll up easily and fit into your fanny pack since we all know you won’t be wearing it the whole time!

Now you’re ready – Have fun and stay safe Spring Breakers!


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