First Apartment: Decor On a Budget

Starting your career after college is exciting and your dreams are never bigger. Unfortunately, the job you landed doesn’t pay great but you’re tired of low-quality home furnishings that scream unsuccessful youth. I experienced this myself. Luckily, I was able to work for a furniture company and get good quality furniture at a fraction of the price but even that took months of budgeting and I could afford to buy everything. I learned a few things over that time that helped me create a space I love.

Look For Decor in Your Hobbies.

Show off the few things you have spent your small salary on. My fiance and I has invested a good sum into our hat collections and shawls so why not use them when we’re not wearing them? Instead of spending money on a headboard or other wall decor I used these items in their place. It gives our apartment much more of a unique and fun relaxed feel opposed to having every wall covered in a poster or wall art. You could do the same thing with your other collections and hobbies like covering an entire wall in hanging comic books, action figures, or even balls of yarn. Look for decor in the things you love to spend your time with and doing.


Decorate with DIYs

Pinterest is full of great (and simple) DIYs. Pick a few that fit you and won’t break the bank. Some of them can get very expensive so keep an eye on how much supplies will cost but don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.


I choose something simple (because I’m DIY challenged) that I could recreate anywhere – With some twine and a few binder clips I was able to create a modern wall design that I could hang pictures on. If you want to get really crafty you could always decorate with wine corks, crayon drip art, or use other things you got laying around the house like nail polish.

Invest Only in the Things You Love

Decorating a space takes time, and it is not something you do over night. Don’t spend time on getting your third choice for a table because it is the only one you can afford. Start with a few things you had from your college days and hand-me-down furniture from your family. Over time you’ll replace these items with pieces you can’t live without.


Two things I hand picked myself, that are still two of my favorite pieces, are my bar cart and coffee table. I decided to invest more money into these items since I knew they would be two pieces I would love for a very long time. For some other pieces I used what I was given and was happily surprised by how well those items worked into my “look” like my dinning set for my sister after she upgraded.

And there you have it! To all of you 20-somethings out there I wish you the best of luck on the journey of putting together your dream home.


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