The Magic of 15 Minutes – Part 1

15 minutes

Once you become a parent many things change. Big things…little things…actually your whole world changes. I love 99% of the things that come along with being a parent, but sometimes the lack of productive time can really make me feel defeated. As I sit here on Sunday morning at 6am, I am praying I get 15 minutes to myself to write this article.

But that is the secret that I have learned over the last few months. Yes, most of the tasks I have on my to do lists take way more than 15 minutes, but I have learned to break them down into smaller 10-15 minute chunks of time.

Example, I wanted to clean my linen closet for months. I kept putting it off “until I had the time” to tackle it. Two months later it was still not done and the closet kept getting worse. Solution, take it shelf by shelf. I would have loved to tackle it all at once, but at this point in my life that is not realistic. After a few 15 minute stretches the closet was put back in order and I could check it off my list.

This trick is also great for my professional life. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in email and other tasks that some projects just keep getting moved from one day to the next. Now I try to give each tasks on my to do list at least 15 minutes of undivided attention. In most cases, I surprise myself that I can actually get the task done in that set amount of time!

I am starting a new mini-series of blog posts called the Magic of 15 minutes. I will show you the little tasks I get completed in 15 minutes or less in hopes that it motivates you to find the little chunks of time in you day which you can be productive and check things off your list.

PS isn’t checking things off you list one of the BEST feelings in the world!


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