Home Bar 101: Call Me Old Fashioned

In recent years, after the wild days of college, I have become some-what of a homebody but that doesn’t mean my lust for fun has dwindled. The lyrics of Sam Hunt’s ‘House Party’ have never been truer. Nowadays I like my fun (and booze) at home where the party can last as long as I want with my comfy bed only a few feet away and my friends having a safe place to crash.

With all of this in mind I decided to setup my own bar cart – a little place where my glasses and bottles could call home. During this creation and collection I learned a few things to becoming a home mixologist:

Create a Bar You Love

Decide what type of bar you want in your home. No matter if it is a bar cart, area on a sideboard, or even an actual built in bar go with what calls to you. I’ve seen versions of all of these and they have all fit the people who’ve created them. I picked a bar cart because of how it could be easily moved and the style of a past era it exuded. Go with a home bar that fits you and your home, and decorate it with decor you love.

From One Cup To The Next Bar Cart

Start Small

Alcohol is not cheap and neither are bar tools. Remember you do not need a full working bar to have a great time. I started with a few simple pieces I liked and added over time. Plus it is easier to change around your look as you drink your bottles dry. Think of it as a marathon not a sprint. Take time to find what works for you.

From One Cup To The Next Home Bar

Pick What You Drink

First and foremost your bar is for you – Don’t buy spirits with the goal of impressing your guests. You’ll end up spending a fortune on alcohol you don’t even like. From my experience if someone wants something special they’ll bring it themselves. While a home bar is great for entertaining, remember your main customer is you.

From One Cup To The Next Booze

And there you have it! A lot like the saying goes – when life gives you lemons make lemonade – or in this case when life gives you a lime just add a little tequila. Now go out and get your own bar started.

From One Cup To The Next Cheers

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