Underground City Guide: More Great LA Eats and Drinks

The City of Angels is vast and full of culture. One of my favorite things about Los Angeles is all of the amazing food and drink spots. Some are right out in the open while others are hidden away which gives them even more flair. While I lived there it always felt like there was a new place to try out. So no matter if you’re a native or just dropping by for some sun, make sure to make time to enjoy LA’s great eats:

Chaya Venice

Not too far off the beach, Chaya Venice is a great place for seafood lovers and even picky eaters. So if Bae hates fish but you’re in-love with the stuff this restaurant is for you! BONUS: They have a relaxing bar area in case you want something more laid back or want to grab a drink before your meal.

Holy Grounds Coffee & Tea

If you’re looking for more of an eclectic vibe for your next morning coffee, make a stop in North East LA for a vibrant yet peaceful atmosphere with great brews. Their outdoor patio and fountain is a garden oasis in the big city. When you step inside you’ll be amazed by the difference.

From one cup to the next holy grounds coffee

Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles

Feed those cravings with some great pieces of chicken with a side of something sweet – waffles! Founded by a Harlem native, Roscoe’s is one of the best examples of soul food I’ve ever had the privilege to try. With several locations around LA, you’re sure to be able to experience the deliciousness for yourself – but good luck getting a table on Sundays.

The Glendale Tap

Think Townie Bar for 20-Somethings – On the outside The Glendale Tap appears to be like any old dive bar (infact you may even drive by it and never even know it’s there) but once you sit at the bar and start reading through their tap list you’ll never want to leave. When in LA, I feel most at home at this bar because of the great beers and chill layout. A must stop for Midwestern visitors.

Sushi Damu

I’m a true believer that no trip to LA is complete without stopping to eat sushi. Sushi Damu is an all-you-can-eat sushi place in West Covina (so a bit off the beaten path for many LA visitors), and it has some of the freshest sushi I ever had in LA. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “All-you-can eat? Really?” but trust me – it’s amazing. The variety and quality is matched by its atmosphere making it one of my favorite spots.
These are only a few of the many great eats and drinks in the greater LA area.  On your next trip, don’t be afraid to try that hole-in-the-wall place around the corner or that taco stand across the street. Many of the best places are something you wouldn’t expect. You’ll be surprised by what you find and how great all the food is.

from one cup to the next tacos los angeles

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