Preparing Your Home For Guests

If you are anything like Jon and I, we wait almost until the last moment to clean before guests come. There are many reasons why we do this. One, we work all week so our nights are dedicated to family and relaxation. We pick up during the week, but I wouldn’t say a lot of deep cleaning gets done. Two, we have a young son which is in the full on destruction mode most days. If you came over right now there would be cracker on the floor and toys in every room. Three, I would like the house to be as cleans as possible right before the guests show up. Our house is definitely “lived in”, so I want to make sure that when guests step into our home there is a sense of cleanliness and organization.

However, there is more to hosting guests than cleanliness and organization. Here a few small things that I have implement when we have guests stay with us.

Give them a house key

We  have many guests that come to stay with us that may not be spending all of their time with us. We totally get that. I have learned that giving them a house key will make your life easier and not have to have your schedule revolve around theirs. They will also appreciate that they can be on their own schedule as well.

Guest Basket

Put together a little guest basket and put it where they will be staying. I like to include the internet password and personal essentials. Personal essentials can include bottles of water, travel toothpaste, razor, feminine products, hair products, etc. Just think what you need when you travel and put the basket together based on that.

Guest Basket


I always like to put out extra towels and have food sitting out on kitchen island. The extra towels are nice just so that they know they are free to use what they like and the food is nice in case they want a treat. It is all about convenience. Also think about keeping extra snacks on hand. You can pull them out easily if you are all gathered playing a game or talking.

Meal Plan

You know me. I am a sucker for a good meal plan, but I think it is especially nice to meal plan when you have guests so that they don’t always have to go out to eat when they are visiting. Home cooking is almost always better than a restaurant and it is cheaper too. Make sure you plan for the extra people as you may need to double your recipes.

Keep your house clean while they stay

By no means do you have to spend all of your time cleaning while you have guests, but I think it is a good idea to make sure the bathroom is in order, keep the dishwasher running so you don’t have dirty dishes, and keep the clutter put away. Just like in everyday life, if you do a little as you go, it will take you little effort to keep it clean.
What things do you do before guests arrive? I would love to get some more ideas.


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