Pin It and Did It: Card Binder

I’ve been keeping little tokens of memories for as long as a I can remember. Sometimes it was a picture, a card, or even a napkin or ticket. In the past I’ve thrown them into boxes and even tried scrapbooking (which didn’t last long). I needed an easier way to store my tokens that didn’t take too much time to commemorate. Then along came this pin…

buzzfeed pinterest one cup to the next

It is a great idea for wedding cards – but why not try it with everything that fits into a little binder? I gave it a try and now I’m 3 binders deep of memories going all the way back to high school. What is great about this project is how it mixes scrapbooking and photo albums. I plan to keep it going so I have all of my tokens to look back at.

binder cards one cup to the next
So if you’re looking for an easy project to store your memories – this project is for you!


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