Interview Prep: 20-Something Style

There are lots of interviewing guides out there, and over the years I’ve tried finding one that doesn’t want to make me barf after the first sentence. Many of them start off clearly stating how you should lay down and die for an interview. Then they dive into to their spiel on what they think the ultimate candidate would do/be. In the end they leave you wondering how you would ever measure up to this fictional person and even more nervous than before.

I’m going to tell you right now this is NOT that kind of guide. I’m a real person so I’m going to be real with you. No bullshit. Only good tips. Read More


Pin It and Did It: Card Binder

I’ve been keeping little tokens of memories for as long as a I can remember. Sometimes it was a picture, a card, or even a napkin or ticket. In the past I’ve thrown them into boxes and even tried scrapbooking (which didn’t last long). I needed an easier way to store my tokens that didn’t take too much time to commemorate. Then along came this pin… Read More

My Go To Appetizer!

I am no chef, but my go to appetizer for ANY event is this Mississippi Sin Dip. I have a lot of people request it when we start discussing what to bring to a potluck. It is cheesy, savory, and delicious. Trust me, it is a crowd-pleaser and super easy to make! I love to serve it with the take-and-bake bread from the grocery store.