Wedding: A Wedding Party Proposals You Can Afford

Wedding party proposals are all the rage right now. In the past, wedding proposals have just been between the happy couple but nowadays you see Pinterest plastered with Pins of cute boxes sent to bridesmaids filled with goodies asking them to be part of the wedding. Though I think these gifts are fun and definitely add flare to the process, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me. First, who’s got the time to put that all together (only a DIY Diva for sure which I am not) and, second, who’s got the dough?

Even though I knew these two things would make the task a bit difficult, I still didn’t hesitate to hop right on to the proposal express when it came to asking people to be in my wedding party. In fact, these things helped me narrow down what I wanted to do and helped me keep in mind what was important.

I wanted to do something personal, that represented the groom and myself, wasn’t too pricey, took just the right amount of effort, and that we could give not only to the bridesmaids but also the groomsmen. I started brainstorming ideas and came to one idea real fast – Wine!

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Five Kid Areas You May Be Forgetting to Clean

Happy Spring Cleaning Month! I hope you are well on your way to a clean, fresh home.

One area that I completely missed on my spring cleaning list was Gavin’s area. Yes, I included his closet clean out and dusting, but not the things he touches on a daily basis. Gavin goes to daycare on a daily basis and is around eight to ten kids a day. No matter how much the daycare cleans their toys, germs are bound to spread. This made me start thinking that there are “Gavin areas” that I am missing from my list.

Here are five kid areas that need to be added to your spring cleaning list: Read More

What I Have Learned as I Begin to Live with Less


First, disclaimer – I, by no means, am a minimalist! Actually I am quite the opposite. I love going through the Target dollar section, Bullseye’s Playground, thrift shopping, and garage saleing. However in the last few weeks, I have felt my home being overcome with stuff. It got to the point where I got a little anxiety about it. I even got to the point where I thought we needed to begin to look for a new house. One with more storage space, an open concept, and more rooms. However that is the last thing we need to do! One because the more space we have, the more space we have to clean and two because this house is fine for our current lifestyle. Jon has his man cave, I have my office, there is a guest room, more than enough room in our kitchen. It is it my dream home…no, however it is our’s in a community we enjoy. Read More