Spring Cleaning: Quick Cleans That Leave You Feeling Great

The idea of “Spring Cleaning” has always been something in the past I have dreaded. As I’ve gotten older it has occurred to me that what I disliked about the idea was that it is usually described as a huge undertaking, and being the “lazy millennial” I am (or so older generations love to say) I don’t usually want to spend my time doing deep cleaning.

Not to say you shouldn’t deep clean. If you have the motivation you should go conquer that dust monster. If you’re needing a little push to get started, like me, go for the quick wins when it comes to cleaning. You’ll be surprised how you feel when these little wins start piling up.

Conquer Your Purse (or Wallet)

This one sounds easy but a bit of a challenge if you have a little bit of “hoarder” in your blood. I usually start by dumping everything out on clear table to see what treasures/trash falls outs. Then I move onto sorting phase where I divide items into three piles: “Must-Haves”, “Trash”, and “Put-Aways”. This makes it easier than sorting into just two piles of what needs to be in your purse vs. not in your purse because not everything is trash. I like to save my spare change or coupons for future use but sometimes find a home in my purse. The three piles helps you get through everything quickly because you see exactly where each thing needs to go.

from one cup to the next purse

Conquer Your Mail Holder

If you’re living with someone else this one can be a challenge as well. Divide up things from your mail holder into piles as well. In this case I like to add a (Insert Person’s Name Here) pile in case I’m not sure what can be thrown away. From my experience, conquering this black hole will leave you feeling the best because it tends to get the worst. If you can only do one off this list, the mail holder should be the one you pick.

Conquer Your Bookshelf

Get rid of your “Space Takers”. Don’t keep things that don’t have a purpose. I follow the rule that if it is not sentimental or has use then it needs to go. There is no point in keeping things that don’t fall in those two categories. If you follow this rule cleaning your bookshelf should be quick and easy.

from one cup to the next minion
Now it is time to go conquer! Good luck and I hope you all survive the war that is “Spring Cleaning”.


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