Spring Cleaning: Places You Missed

Clean and organize more than your home this Spring. Take on those places you don’t even think of. 

Your Desk

If you’re like me, you spend half of your life at your desk so why not treat it like you do your home? Spend a little time this season cleaning your keyboard, dusting those files, organizing your supplies, and conquering that black hole called your desktop. A little cleanup at work always leave me feeling balanced so I say definitely give it a try. I mean, look at this clean desktop! 

from one cup to the next desk top

Your Garage

You may spend only a little time in your garage but it gets messy real quick especially if you’re using it for storage for holiday decorations. It is time to de-clutter the part of your life, and drop some stuff at Goodwill. Even if you don’t have much to get rid of, throwing things out you don’t use will leave a smile on your face – Promise!

Your Car

This place takes up another big chunk of your life, and it can get full of junk fast. Sort out the stuff you need and again, say it with me, “Throw the rest out!” Treat your car less like your home, and more like an oasis. Invest in some car cleaning supplies to give your car that “new” look and smell that won’t cost you big bucks like a detail would.

spring cleaning flowers from one cup to the next

Spring cleaning can leave you tired, and I know you don’t want to add more to your list but cleaning these spots will get you to ultimate happiness that might just last you until the next time you clean *cough* next Spring.


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