Norwex Cleaning Product Review From Someone Who doesn’t Sell It

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We over midway through our spring cleaning month and I wanted to give you all a review on some new cleaning products I have been using.

Recently I went to a party for Norwex cleaning products. I went in very skeptical and tired after a long of work. I left a true believer in the products.

Norwex is a company that started in Europe, came over to Canada, and is now making its way down into the US. As many of us know, Europeans seem to be more concerned with their health and the products that are being brought into their homes. However, very quickly Americans are starting to take notice and have begun to make changes for a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families. I am one of those people. With a one year old at home that seems to be crawling and exploring all over, it is becoming more and more important to use less chemicals, but still keep it clean.

I don’t sell Norwex nor know anyone personally that does, but here is a review on the products I purchased and why:

EnviroCloth™ and Window Cloth –

This is the dynamic duo know as “Bert and Ernie”. I am told, and have found it to be true thust far, that you should be able to do 95% of your household cleaning with these two products. Anything from counters to windows to appliances and everything in between. The EnviroCloth™ is Norwex’s best selling product and I can see why. You can clean surfaces without any harmful chemicals and use it wet or dry. It also has something in called BacLock™, which is micro silver in the cloth that goes to work to self-clean and eliminates bacteria or mold from growing. The Window Cloth allows you to clean windows, mirrors and polish surfaces with just water. These two clothes do work together.

Dusting Mitt –

The Dusting Mitt is perfect for all your dusting needs. It attracts and holds dust and is great for quick, easy dustings. I love how it fits on my hand and I am able to work my way around a room in no time! And again, no chemicals!

Mop Starter Kit –

I have laminate floors and have used a steam mop for years, however it left streaks. With Gavin spending a lot of time with me in the kitchen, I wanted my floors to be cleaned, but I knew with our busy lifestyle it still had to be convenient. Behold the Norwext Mop! This mop is the reason I wanted to host the party. It does have a large price tag, however using it now for a while it is completely worth the investment.

Laundry Detergent –

One product I wasn’t even interested in before my party was the laundry detergent. I didn’t really think I had a need for it, however this laundry detergent does so much more than wash your clothes. It is free of all phosphates and fillers. I use it now with everything. It put a teaspoon into a spray bottle and clean my stainless steel appliances. They have never looked better. I thought the stainless steel cleaner I got at Target was good, but it doesn’t have anything on this!

Bottle Brush –

I was going through baby bottle brushes every couple of weeks because I didn’t know how to clean them and anything I found online didn’t seem to do the trick. This bottle brush is great for not only Gavin’s sippy cups, but also for all of our glasses, cups, and vases!

Kitchen Cloth –

At the first party I went to I also got a kitchen cloth. It is similar to the EnvioCloth™, but has ridges for crumbs all over my kitchen. This is the cloth I prefer to wipe down Gavin’s high chair along with his toys.

In the end I went in very skeptical, however as a fairly new mom, it spoke to me about keeping a safe home for my family. I am not sure what you think, but I do believe that there is a connection between chemicals in our home and our health. I by no means have completely gone all natural, but I want to at least make small steps to a better, healthier lifestyle.



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  2. swampyankeestyle · May 11, 2016

    I have only just heard about norwex. I was searching for some honest reviews. So thank you for your review.


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