Five Kid Areas You May Be Forgetting to Clean

Happy Spring Cleaning Month! I hope you are well on your way to a clean, fresh home.

One area that I completely missed on my spring cleaning list was Gavin’s area. Yes, I included his closet clean out and dusting, but not the things he touches on a daily basis. Gavin goes to daycare on a daily basis and is around eight to ten kids a day. No matter how much the daycare cleans their toys, germs are bound to spread. This made me start thinking that there are “Gavin areas” that I am missing from my list.

Here are five kid areas that need to be added to your spring cleaning list:

  1. High Chair

I don’t know about your kids, but Gavin is in that stage where only half the food I put on his plate actually gets into his month. I clean the chair and tray after every meal, but this month I want to deep clean the seat, the straps, the cover, and the chair that his high chair is attached.


  1. Toys

This is probably the biggest area that needs cleaned. A lot of his toys can go into our dishwasher in order to be sanitize, however the ones I can I plan to use my Norwex clothes to wipe down each toy in order to remove as many germs as possible.


  1. Crib and Mattress

I clean Gavin’s sheets on a weekly basis, however I need to dust his crib and vacuum and flip his mattress.

  1. Changing Area

Gavin’s changing area is in always changing and I am constantly reorganizing it to fit our current needs. This month I want to remove everything, dust, and organize the items that we will need for the summer.

  1. Car Seat

I am not sure what stage of motherhood you may be in, but I am now in the stage where Gavin likes to take his drinks and snacks in the car. As a busy, working mother, it is a necessary evil, however this month I need to wipe down and vacuum the seat.

There are probably more areas that need cleaned, however this list is a good start. Happy cleaning!


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