Wedding: A Wedding Party Proposals You Can Afford

Wedding party proposals are all the rage right now. In the past, wedding proposals have just been between the happy couple but nowadays you see Pinterest plastered with Pins of cute boxes sent to bridesmaids filled with goodies asking them to be part of the wedding. Though I think these gifts are fun and definitely add flare to the process, I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me. First, who’s got the time to put that all together (only a DIY Diva for sure which I am not) and, second, who’s got the dough?

Even though I knew these two things would make the task a bit difficult, I still didn’t hesitate to hop right on to the proposal express when it came to asking people to be in my wedding party. In fact, these things helped me narrow down what I wanted to do and helped me keep in mind what was important.

I wanted to do something personal, that represented the groom and myself, wasn’t too pricey, took just the right amount of effort, and that we could give not only to the bridesmaids but also the groomsmen. I started brainstorming ideas and came to one idea real fast – Wine!

from one cup to the next wine

Luckily, it was something all of our friends could enjoy and was affordable. We got our wines from Okoboji Mercantile, a local antique and Iowa goods retailer in Arnolds Park, IA. We picked a mix of wines from TrainWreck Winery and Little Swan Lake Winery, both wineries in the state we love most – Iowa. We added a personal touch by having stickers printed with our names, the location, and date of our wedding, did a little label change, and instantly had the perfect gift! Since there was a minimum amount of stickers we had to order, we still have leftovers for another wedding project I’m planning – A win-win in my book. I also added a little handwritten note to send to my bridesmaids to give it even more of a personal feel.

from one cup to the next invite
In the end, I know it was the right pick that best represented us as a couple, and it made me even more excited for my future wedding projects. Stay tuned for more projects like this!


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