The Best Side Dish for Your BBQ

I am not sure about you, but we have been invited to quite a few barbeques this summer. With a little one at home that keeps me on my toes, I have the perfect make-ahead side dish that your friends and family will love (and it is quick and easy too)!

Jessica’s Famous Pasta Salad



1 box of tri-color rotini pasta

1 bottle of Italian dressing

1 jar of green olives

1 can of black olives

3-4 small packages of string cheese

Optional: other veggies – green peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, diced carrots




  1. Cook the pasta as the box instructs.
  2. Drain pasta and let cool to just above room temperature.
  3. Add in your bottle of italian dressing and mix with the cooked noodles.
  4. Add the jar of green olives and can of black olives.
  5. Cut the string cheese into small chunks and add to the mixture.
  6. Mix all the ingredients together and let marinade in the fridge.

This is definitely a dump, mix, and go recipe. It is perfect for any family potluck or barbeque.
Please let me know if you try it and what you think!



Wedding: Get Good at Saying “No”

Weddings are such a major part of life – You mark a new chapter with the day you say “I Do” so it is understandable that there will be some drama. It is unavoidable. When it comes down to it, no matter how you seal deal there is always someone who wants something to be a certain way. It will shock you who asks for what. As I’ve been starting the planning process for myself, I’ve noticed this more and more and have come to the realization that staying positive and saying “No” is key. Remember what is important about the process and don’t give up on making that day about your love and future.


Weddings can be very expensive so keeping things in line to follow your plan. If someone isn’t on board with what you want, cut them loose. In the famous words from my sister, “Get on or jump off.” And she’s right – You don’t need that negativity! Read More

Updating Your Wardrobe for Summer

Summer is almost here! As you get your summer life in order, packing your grab-n-go bags, create that summer bucket list, and now it is time to update your wardrobe.

Updating your wardrobe for the next season can be fun, but also stressful. I am not sure about you, but I start to take things out of my “little” tote and get a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and underwhelmed by the condition or selection. My taste and body has changed so much in the last few years. In this time of my life I go for comfort, but I still want to look cute and put together.

Here are a five steps to transition your wardrobe from the cooler months to the warmer. Read More