5 Grab-n-Go Bags for the Summer


Happy Summer! Well it isn’t quite here yet, but in preparation for Summer we would like to kick off our May series “Summer Prep”!

I have one summer under my belt as being a mom, but I can tell you that this summer will be quite different than last summer. Last summer, I carried a full diaper bag of, not only diaper and wipes, but burp cloths, bottles, teethers, toys, bibs, etc. This summer I am taking a bit of different approach to the overstuffed diaper bag and coming up with “grab-n-go” bags. These bags will be easily accessible and, as long as goes to plan, always ready to go. I have brainstormed five different bags that we will need this summer and some items will overlap, but having them prepared will make nights go so much smoother.

Bag #1: Swim


This will be one of the most used bags I am sure this summer. Between time at the lake, our local pool, and Gavin’s swim lessons.

Items that I will pack in this bag:

  1. Rash Guard
  2. Swim Shorts
  3. Three Swim Diaper – you never know when you will need an extra.
  4. Beach Towel
  5. Travel Shampoo
  6. Pool Toys

Some of the items missing from this bag will also be in our “outdoors” bag for when we are at the lake or our local pool.

Bag #2: Snack

I take back what I said before. This will probably be the most used bag we have this summer. I love having a bag of snacks pre-packaged and ready to go.

Items that I will pack in this bag:

  1. A squeezie (or two) – Gavin absolutely loves these. I recently found ones at Aldi for $1.49 for four! If you pick the right ones they can be pretty healthy and no need to keep them cold until after you open them. Most of the time we have nothing left to save.
  2. Goldfish – In a plastic container so that they don’t end up being just crumbs.
  3. Baby food – we are almost through our supply of baby food and Gavin has outgrown it, but it is nice to have in case we are in a pinch.
  4. Sippy Cup – empty. Easy for me to grab and fill up with water.
  5. Bottled Water

Bag #3: Outfit


This one is pretty self explanatory, however it is always nice to have a package of clothing ready to go at a moment’s notice. These items will probably not be things he typically wears – just spares.

Items I will pack in this bag:

  1. Simple Onesie
  2. Light weight pants
  3. Two Diapers
  4. Socks
  5. Shoes

Bag #4: Car

If you are anything like us, we will be taking some trips this summer and will be in the car for a few hours. Just typing I am already not looking forward to that part, however I would like a well stocked “car bag” that may have everything we need. I hope to have this bag live in the car.

Items I will pack in this bag:

  1. Changing Pad
  2. Spare Diapers
  3. Wipes
  4. Books and Toys
  5. Spare towels
  6. Bottled water
  7. Spare Outfit Bag:)

Bag #5: Ball Field/Outdoors

This summer I am sure we will spend some time at ball fields. My nephews play and my husband is in a couple of leagues. Not only will I need to keep my little one occupied, but “protected from the elements”.

Items I will pack in this bag:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Bug Spray
  3. Sun Hat
  4. Sand Toys
  5. Sunglasses

As you can see I have some overlap between some of the bags. Some of the items I will switch between the bags however I plan to have multiple of couple items so that we can “grab-n-go” as much as possible. Also a lot of time I may be grabbing multiple bags when we leave. For example, when we head to the ball fields, we will need the ball field bag and the snack bag.

What grab-n-go bag are you putting together for the summer? I would love to know!


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