Prep for Summer: Make a Bucket List

Bucket lists are great for every season and any vacation. If you’re like me your summer is already jam-packed with trips and events…and it’s only May! Between work, weddings, bachelorettes, holidays, and birthdays, I’ve barely got time to even unpack my suitcase but I guess that’s just the life of a 20-something. And as a millennial we all know what we value most – Time.

As the weather starts warming up in the Mid-West don’t forget to spend a little time on yourself. Make a list of all the things you want to make sure you do (because come winter you’ll be limited on options). For example, I’ve decided to watch about half of what I usually do on Netflix and TV (Saving Game of Thrones for when “Winter is Coming”) and making an effort to spend most nights on my deck. A few more  things I’m adding to my list include boating, walking on my local trails, and go picnicking.

from one cup to the next bucket list summer
I’ve already started checking things off my list – Enjoyed a seasonal Okoboji delicacy known as Taco House…Twice! Can’t wait to start checking more things off my list!


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