Why You Should DIY with Friends


Let me throw down a scenario for you. You’re a 20-Something pretty much fresh out of college with a “grown up” job. Even though you’ve sold your soul to the paper pushing Devil, you’re still trying to make an effort to be social so you keep going out like you use to. You drink all night, stay up until 3AM, and get your late night food binge on. But WAIT – You can’t keep up like you use too. The messed up sleep schedule is making it hard to get to work on Monday. The foods you use to love are starting to take a toll on your waistline. So now you’re thinking that maybe you should find an alternative to going out all the time. *Woosh* Here comes the Pinterest Fairy knocking at your email door. Don’t push her away like you use to. Things are different now and it is time to start some home projects.

You may think you have to go this road alone but trust me, that is not the case. Learn from me, a DIY-challenged individual, craft projects are way more fun with friends. I’ve tried many-a-project on my own and something was always missing. I was trying to fill my time but felt so lonely. It took me a while to figure out that what I was missing was people to talk to I could call my squad and laugh with over my ridiculous (mostly failed) creations. After I started reaching out, I realised others were feeling a lot like me, and just wanted an alternative to the YOLO lifestyle.

People are supposed to be social, and those interactions don’t always have to revolve around food and drink (though I won’t say no to a bottle of wine at Craft Night). DIYing works for me and my friends but don’t be afraid to try something else. Enjoy a relaxed (or intense) sport with your group, have a game night, or even go outside the box and join a fitness class together. You’ll be happy you did!

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