Updating Your Wardrobe for Summer

Summer is almost here! As you get your summer life in order, packing your grab-n-go bags, create that summer bucket list, and now it is time to update your wardrobe.

Updating your wardrobe for the next season can be fun, but also stressful. I am not sure about you, but I start to take things out of my “little” tote and get a little overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and underwhelmed by the condition or selection. My taste and body has changed so much in the last few years. In this time of my life I go for comfort, but I still want to look cute and put together.

Here are a five steps to transition your wardrobe from the cooler months to the warmer.

Step 1

Take an inventory of what you can transition from one season to the next. What do you still love or wear all the time. Keep that out for the next season. I keep my black tees out year round. They are great for layering under a cover-up in the cooler months and having a simple tee in the warmer months. Plus the outfit can look different by adding some different accessories each time.

Step 2

Take an inventory of your seasonal items you want to bring out. Now is the time to rid yourself of things that have seen better days or items that you know you won’t wear. I am a creature of habit and go towards items over and over again. This summer, I am taking the less is more. I want to be able to get ready for work and on the weekends easier. By having less, I am able to do that quicker.

Side note, also go through your undergarments. Not as much fun as everything else, but going through this seasonally is always a good idea.

Step 3

Infuse some color in. I love my yellow pants which go with my typical black/white/gray wardrobe or my green shoes, that again, go with my neutrals. This is an easy way to also look “cute” without having to try really hard.

Step 4

Make a place for your favorite items. “Go-to” outfits are great for mornings that you are in a rush or a last minute girls night out! My favorite one this season is a black maxi dress. It is perfect for work with a jacket, but can easily transition to the park with Gavin or a night out with the hubby.

Step 5

If you made it through the other four steps, then it is time for the fun part…shopping! Now is the time to make a list of items you want to purchase. Normally I have some holes in my wardrobe after I have done my inventory. The secret here is not feel the pressure to fill those holes all at once with whatever you find. Take your time and make sure it is stuff you love!
What other tips do you have for getting your wardrobe summer ready?


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