Wedding: Get Good at Saying “No”

Weddings are such a major part of life – You mark a new chapter with the day you say “I Do” so it is understandable that there will be some drama. It is unavoidable. When it comes down to it, no matter how you seal deal there is always someone who wants something to be a certain way. It will shock you who asks for what. As I’ve been starting the planning process for myself, I’ve noticed this more and more and have come to the realization that staying positive and saying “No” is key. Remember what is important about the process and don’t give up on making that day about your love and future.


Weddings can be very expensive so keeping things in line to follow your plan. If someone isn’t on board with what you want, cut them loose. In the famous words from my sister, “Get on or jump off.” And she’s right – You don’t need that negativity!

I do need to keep myself in check sometimes though. I have gotten so good at saying “No” that sometimes it is hard to see the good opportunities and ideas. Can anyone say “Bridezilla”?! Don’t forget to listen to those whose opinions matter the most – For me this is just a handful of people including “My Man”, my parents and a few others. I have to tell myself to lighten up and remember that I want this to be special for them too. Sometimes the best solutions can come from this group.

In conclusion, stick to your guns, Don’t be afraid to say “No”, but trust your team. In the end your “Most Important” group will always have your back because they love you.

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