Working/Busy Mom Cleaning Hacks

Sometimes being a mom is just plain hard. It doesn’t matter if you work outside the home or not. It is just plain tough. It is tough to keep up with the demands of your job, spouse, kids, and your home. However instead of putting my head in the sand, I have come up with some cleaning hacks that keeps this working momma on track.

Load the dishwasher and run it while you are not home.

I know, I know – this could be considered dangerous. Your home could flood or it could start a fire, but as a working mom, I need these machines to work while I am working. I try to either load and run my dishwasher at night while we are sleeping or as I am leaving for work. I am then able to come home or wake up and unload the dishwasher. Keeping an empty dishwasher is key for your kitchen to stay clean and tidy. I believe when dirty dishes are in the sink, your mind thinks it is ok to leave random things on the counter, not clean up the table, leave the trash sitting, and other cleaning tasks that should be done. Keep a clean sink and the rest of your kitchen will follow. Read More


Casserole Recipes for Busy Nights


It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, life is just plain busy. In the scheme of life, I haven’t been a mom that long, however I have started a list of “go-to” casseroles that I can make ahead for those busy weeknights that my one year will actually eat. Read More

Working Mom Hacks

If you are reading this blog post than you probably feel how many moms feel on a daily basis, or at least how I feel. I feel like from the moment I wake up to the moment my child goes to sleep, I am on “go-mode”. Trying to figure out what needs to be done next, who needs what, and when everything needs to be done by. I can honestly say when Gavin goes to bed at 7 pm, I am ready to go to bed too. In the end, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being busy and being a full-time working mom adds even more. Here are some hacks that I have developed over the last year to keep me sane and my family and home running smoothly.

  1. Control the chaos by planning ahead

This is a very general statement, however it is crucial to stay ahead of the chaos. I only have one small child, so I am sure anyone with more than one can speak to planning ahead as a must. The weeks where I feel like I have my sh*t together are the weeks where I take a few minutes to plan.

  • I plan what we are going to eat and make sure I have all the items.
  • I prep any meals that can be prepared so that dinner time is a snap
  • I plan what I am going to wear every day
  • I plan what the little guy is going to wear
  • I plan and prepare lunches so it is more grab-n-go (than drive thru)


2. Use your lunch break

I get an hour for lunch every day and try to make sure I take it no matter how busy I am at work. That hour can be the most important hour of my entire day. I run errands, make returns, grocery shop, and even get home to clean the house. You would be surprised what you can get done in that amount of time. Read More