Beat June Gloom

Don’t let the real first month of summer get you down.

motivation from one cup to the next

Try New Things

Stay away from your “norm”. If your summer schedule is looking thin, it is hard to get over that feeling that you should be doing something. This feeling leaves me drowsy and unengaged. If this is how your summer is going, fill up your time with new positive things that won’t leave you feeling crappy. Forgo the bar scene with friends – instead enjoy a bottle of wine at the local outdoor movie spot.

Travel Unexpectedly

Even if your summer schedule is full of weddings, events, etc., traveling spontaneously can be exciting and fun. There is a reason people say they want to just hop in their car and take off – It is because they want to enjoy a bit of adventure. Take a page out of their book and hit the open road even if it is just for a day.

travel form one cup to the next road

Find the Light in Your Life

Remember what motivates you and stay positive. Adjusting to a change in your schedule can leave you overwhelmed and a bit lost (at least that’s how I feel). Take a moment to reflect on why you’re doing what you do and enjoy yourself.

And just have a damn good June.

summer from one cup to the next


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