Working/Busy Mom Cleaning Hacks

Sometimes being a mom is just plain hard. It doesn’t matter if you work outside the home or not. It is just plain tough. It is tough to keep up with the demands of your job, spouse, kids, and your home. However instead of putting my head in the sand, I have come up with some cleaning hacks that keeps this working momma on track.

Load the dishwasher and run it while you are not home.

I know, I know – this could be considered dangerous. Your home could flood or it could start a fire, but as a working mom, I need these machines to work while I am working. I try to either load and run my dishwasher at night while we are sleeping or as I am leaving for work. I am then able to come home or wake up and unload the dishwasher. Keeping an empty dishwasher is key for your kitchen to stay clean and tidy. I believe when dirty dishes are in the sink, your mind thinks it is ok to leave random things on the counter, not clean up the table, leave the trash sitting, and other cleaning tasks that should be done. Keep a clean sink and the rest of your kitchen will follow.

Load the washing machine, but don’t run it until the next morning.

Ok, this is a little different than the dish washer. I put my clothes in the washing machine, but I don’t start it until I wake up the next day. This way, I don’t have wet clothes sitting in my washing machine all night. Before I leave for work, I just put items in the dryer. Over lunch or that night I can fold and put the clothes away. It is just a continuous process and works great for our family.

Wipe down the bathroom while the kids are in the tub.

My little guy takes baths about three times a week (more in the summer). While he is sitting there having fun playing with his toys, I just use one of my Norwex cleaning clothes and do a quick wipe down of the bathroom. It is usually less than five minutes. I am able to keep a watchful eye on the little guy and talk and sing with him, all while taking less than ten minutes to keep my bathroom in order. He loves the extra time in the tub and I love that bathroom doesn’t get gross as fast.

Get rid of expired leftovers the night before garbage day.

First off, I hate wasting food and try my best to use up expiring food and leftovers, but as much as I try, sometimes I have to toss expired food. I am not sure while this took me so long to realize, but cleaning out my fridge the night before the garbage day just makes sense. I hate when my garbage starts to smell and I also feel like it attracts animals when food is in the garbage too long. In the last year, I always take Wednesday to cleaning out my fridge and get ridge of old food.

Set a timer for 15 minutes and go at it.

There are days that I am just too tired to do my entire nightly routine. On those nights, I set a timer on my phone then clean and tidy as fast as I can. When the timer goes off, I am done and I can relax. Some nights I end there, but some nights once I get started I can get a lot more done. Productivity breeds productivity.

Ok, I really want to know some of your cleaning hacks. I am all about “making” more time in my day for my family and myself.


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