OK, I only have an 18 month old, but I already know that I have keepsakes, papers, cards, and other memorabilia all over our house. Some items were in boxes, some were on top of the refrigerator :(, some were in his room, and we had some items in the office. I knew I wanted a system that I could keep up with long term. I decided to go to Pinterest to see if I could find some realistic and easy ideas.

I came across this post from You Vibrant Family and decided it looked easy enough! I went to Target and came home with the case. I already had the folders so this project cost me $11 and took me less than 30 minutes to complete. Plus, I was able weed through things I really didn’t need to keep. Read More


Must Haves for the Ultimate Summer Weekend

You may have just gotten back from your July 4th vaca, but if you’re anything like me you are already prepping for your next summer weekend excursion. Check out my list of tricks, gadgets, and gear for the best summer fun!

From one cup to the next beach

A Rockin’ Playlist with a Bluetooth Speaker to Match

Every good vacation should have it’s own soundtrack. Make one full of songs you love, and make you scream, “THIS IS MY JAM!” I would also suggest grabbing a bluetooth speaker even if you’re the only one listening. Dancing to your favorite song can be so much more enjoyable headphones-free. Read More