Must Haves for the Ultimate Summer Weekend

You may have just gotten back from your July 4th vaca, but if you’re anything like me you are already prepping for your next summer weekend excursion. Check out my list of tricks, gadgets, and gear for the best summer fun!

From one cup to the next beach

A Rockin’ Playlist with a Bluetooth Speaker to Match

Every good vacation should have it’s own soundtrack. Make one full of songs you love, and make you scream, “THIS IS MY JAM!” I would also suggest grabbing a bluetooth speaker even if you’re the only one listening. Dancing to your favorite song can be so much more enjoyable headphones-free.

The Right Beverage Container

Get yourself the right cup! This past weekend I enjoyed a drink in my wine sippy cup. It was great not having to worry about spilling or breaking anything. I think my next buy will definitely be a Yeti cup though – Everyone is in love with their cups and only have good things to say!

Somewhere to Take a Nap

I love sunbathing. Not much for tanning (due to my skin NEVER getting tan), but I do enjoy a good nap in the sun. I sit back with a nice low-to-the-ground beach chair and a blanket perfect for a quick snooze. BONUS if your chair has a cupholder!

from one cup to the next beach dog

Sun Protection is a MUST

Don’t let your fun in the sun be ruined by a harsh sunburn. Reach for that 50+ SPF sunscreen and don’t forget to reapply. If you’re prone to forgetting this, set yourself an alarm on your phone. After all, we do live in an era that this is possible so use your gadgets!

from one cup to the next summer
Now you’re ready to hit the beach!

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