What I Learned After Going to Comic Con for the First Time

Going to SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) has been the only thing on my Bucket List for a really long time, and this year my wish was granted – I was able to get my hands on a ticket thanks to my amazing Fairy Godmother who’s name is David. But really, I felt like Cinderella ready to go to the Ball.

from one cup to the next comic con

SDCC ended up being an amazing trip and one heck of a ride. I did learn a few things along the way that can not be stressed enough:

Don’t Dress Up
Dressing up as your favorite characters sounds like a blast and a Comic Con must but you’ll end up regretting it. The days at SDCC are long and hot so whatever you wear can affect how comfortable you are. Also, all mock-weaponry has to be checked at a special place in the convention which can eat up your precious time.

Go Earlier in the Week

American Gothic From one cup to the next

I enjoyed the first few days at Comic Con the best because there were less people. I was actually able to go see a few things I wanted to and enjoy a few panels. There were still crowds of people but it was manageable.

Pack Water and Snacks

Bring a huge reusable water bottle – I came preped with one thanks to a few tips from some blogs and it was one of the best things I could have ever done. There are water fountains in many of the building and water sold at the event was pricey in my opinion. Also, bring some handy snacks like trail mix or protein bars to munch on as you wait in a line. You won’t really have time to grab lunch so snacks are the way to go.

Always Be Taking Pictures

This is one thing I wish I had done more of. I got a lot of pictures in the beginning of each day but then started to get tired. There were a lot of things looking back I wish I would have had pictures of.

Save More Money Than You Need

You will spend more than you think so SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Also, bring cash. A lot of vendors take card but cash was definitely the easiest to use in the Exhibit Hall.

Be Prepared to Wait

The crowd grows bigger and bigger each day that you are there so be prepared to wait in line. On Thursday of the event the most we had to wait was 30 minutes but on Friday we ended up waiting over two hours in a line and didn’t even get close to getting in before I gave up. Plan for this ahead of time.

comic universe from one cup to the next

Overall, it is worth the trip – If you can somehow win the ticket lottery for SDCC, then GO! It was a once in a lifetime experience and a Geek’s paradise.

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