Evening Routine = Sanity Saver

Ok, let’s be honest. Evenings are draining. Everyone is tired and hungry and all you want to do is sit on the couch and watch mindless TV. There are some nights that I do that, but I can tell you when I do my evening routine my whole next day is better.

There are numerous studies that show that if you have an established evening routine that you happier, healthier, and more organized. As a new-ish mom, my evening routine saves my sanity and helps me go to bed with a sound mind, plus sets me up for a nice morning.

Here are 10 things I like to do before I got to bed:

  1. Clean up kitchen


I hate waking up to a messy house, especially a messy kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of our home and it has so many purposes. My day just starts bad when there is dirty dishes in the sink and the kitchen is just untidy. I love being able to get up, drink my coffee, and hit the ground running. For me to be able to do that than my kitchen needs to be put together.

2. Prepare breakfast and lunch for the next day


This is not only a sanity saver, it is a money and time saver. The nights when I don’t prepare lunches for the next day are the days that I end up eating out because I am so hungry by lunch time. I end up getting something unhealthy and that costs way too much. By literally taking five minutes I am able to prepare a simple lunch and breakfast for the next day.


3. Plan tomorrow’s dinner

When today’s dinner is over, I start thinking about tomorrow’s. What needs to be pulled from the freezer. Can I prep anything ahead of time? How long will it take to cook? I love the meals that are either done when I get home from work or ones that can be thrown in the oven to cook while we hang out as family. Our evenings are so much better when I have taken the time to plan and prepare what we are going to have to eat.

4. Clean all of the dishes


This one doesn’t always happen, but my life is so much better when all the dishes are washed and put away. My home just looks put together. I try my best to make myself load the dishwasher every night and what doesn’t fit or needs to be hand wash gets washed, dried, and put away before I go to bed.

5. Set the coffee maker

My coffee maker has a delayed time setting. It is such a small thing, but it is one less thing I need to remember to do in the mornings. Plus it is amazing to wake up and literally smell the coffee.

6. Shower

I know that not everyone likes to do this, but when I shower the night before it adds an extra 15 minutes to my morning. All I have to do is get dressed, put on some makeup, and get ready to get out the door.

7. Lay out outfit

Another one I struggle at is laying out my clothes the night before. It saves me so much time in the morning to not have to look through everything before I have finished my first cup of coffee. I like to pick out the outfit, shoes, and accessories. Better yet, this is even better to do all at once on Sunday evenings. It is kind of like meal planning, it takes almost as long to plan one day as it takes to plan the whole week.

8. Put “bags” together

I usually try to do some work at night which means my laptop is at my desk or in bed with me. Before I go to sleep for the night I try to make sure my work bed is put together so all I have to do in the morning is grab it, through my phone in it, and walk out the door. I don’t have to wonder where my notebook is or my planner. It is all right there.

9. Get laundry ready for the morning

This is another one of my mom hacks that I have listed before, but I like to set the laundry up so that when I wake up in the morning all I have to do is push start and it is going. Then I can throw in the dry before I leave for work. It is small thing, but really helps me stay on top of the laundry.

10. Tackle one item off the to do list

Now if I have one ounce of energy left before bed or if I have a spare 10 minutes during the evening than I will try to complete (or at least start) one task off my to do list. Being able to check a small item off my list makes me feel so good and productive that I believe I sleep better.

Ok, so there are my 10 evening routine sanity savers. What are your’s? I would love to hear and get more ideas.


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