My New Grocery Shopping Obsession — Aldi!

Want to know my secret to cutting my grocery bill in half even after I meal plan? I have begun to shop at Aldi and I am a total obsessed!

I began shopping at Aldi at the beginning of the summer because I kept seeing their great deals on produce. Little did I know that they had great deals on other staples that were absolutely delicious!

Here are 6 reasons why I shop at Aldi on a regular basis:

  1. The top reason why I continue to shop at Aldi is their produce. I believe it is the best produce in our area and the best price. Trust me, if you want to feed your family fresh produce on a budget go and check out Aldi!
  2. They have limited number of options. This may sound like a negative, however for me this is great. I am able to get in and out quickly because they have what we need on a regular basis.
  3. Yes, in point number two I did say they had limited options, however they have a great overall selection of goods. I think their deli/cheese selection has great options for appetizers at a party, plus much of their products are organic.
  4. Since you have to pay with cash or a debit card, I am very aware of what I am buying because it is coming out of account immediately (unlike when you use a credit card). I limit to what I know we will use.
  5. Their products rival name brands. I was very skeptical about buying paper products from Aldi, however I would say they are even better than name brands I have purchased in the past.
  6. They now sell baby products! My son loves the squeezies. They have a great variety and are organic! I picked up diapers for the first time. I will let you know what I think soon on Instagram (@fromonecuptothenext).

Want to see my latest grocery haul?


I was able to get all of these items for less than $62.  The haul included ten pounds of ground beef, fresh produce including green peppers and tomatoes, and other items I need for this week’s meal plan!

I may sound obsessed, but Aldi has helped save our family almost $200 a month on groceries. I call that a win!


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