Fall Favorites


Fall is here and we love it! Here are a few of our personal favorites!

Sadie’s Favorites

School Spirit


There is something special about the comradery that brings everyone together to cheer for their favorite team during Football season. I love how stress-free being part of something bigger is for everyone by just picking the colors you want to wear or which school you decide to cheer on. No matter if you are not even really into sports, the positive energy is hard to ignore.


Unlike my mostly black wardrobe, my scarf stockpile comes in a range of colors and patterns. One of my favorite things about the weather turning a bit chilly is being able to whip out a scarf to throw on with any outfit. They leave me feeling feminine, cute, and confident while providing a little extra warmth. A plus – I can wear them in more ways than I can count keeping my look feeling ‘new’.

Halloween Flicks

Autumn is my favorite time of year to curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and candy to watch the spooky, kiddie films of my youth that leave me smiling. My annual picks have to include It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Warm Brews


Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Coffee…You name it, I love it. Especially during Fall. A nice warm drink leaves me feeling snug and toasty and ready to conquer anything!

The Colors

Even though the weather starts getting a bit cooler, the colors of Fall leave me cozy. For being a time of year where everyone is starting to reach for their jackets, the reds, oranges, and yellows leave a warm smile on my face and make me want to take a walk.

Jess’ Favorites



I am not sure what is about fall that makes me instantly want to go an buy pumpkins. Fake, real, it doesn’t matter. I want them all! This year I planted a few pumpkin seeds and we have gotten our first real pumpkin!

We are also excited to take the little man out to the local pumpkin patch! One of my favorite memories as a child is getting to go to the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin. The catch was that you had to carry your own pumpkin.



Nothing says fall to me like getting my boots out! I love the look and the comfort. It also means I don’t have to be super particular with the pedicure anymore. Yes I am that lazy – haha!

Dollar Tree Costumes

I am not sure if you have been to the Dollar Tree lately, but they have really upped their costume game this year. Here is G in a TMNT (off brand) costume! He loves wearing the headband and shell.


I got all of it for $4 and he loves it! My husband even asked my why I didn’t get him a complete outfit. We have already gotten our $4 worth out of it.

Apples/Apple Cider

Fall screams apples to me. I am craving apples with caramel and apple cider. Yummy! I think an apple orchard may be in my future this fall!

Target Dollar Spot

As most of you know, I am OBSESSED with the Target “Dollar” Spot all year round, but this year they have some really cute stuff. I am more drawn to the fall decor, but they have a lot of cute Halloween stuff too! I think my favorite picks this season are the turkey tea towels, the family recipe book, and the little pumpkins (see favorite thing one).

What are you obsessed with this fall? We would love to know!


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