Working Favorites

Trying juggle life and work can be a diffcult balance, but with some favorites it makes it a bit easier. Check out our current “Working Girl” favorites.

Jess’ Favs

To give you some background, I work at an office where the attire is fairly relax, however I prefer to be comfortable and stylish. Here are five of my “working girl” favorites:

  1. Work Bag


I think having a good work bag is crucial. Daily I carry my laptop, wallet, phone, planner, and plethora of other items. A sturdy work bag is makes moving from personal to professional life easy and effortless.

2. Travel Coffee Mug

I am not sure about you, but a great travel coffee mug is starts my day off right. A good coffee mug is large enough, keeps my coffee hot for long period of time, and does spill in my car. Here is one I just bought from Target. Plus, it goes in the dishwasher. We all know how happy that makes me.

3. “Go-to” professional outfit

Like I said my office is fairly relaxed. Jeans are worn on a regular basis, but I think every woman needs to have at least one “go-to” professional outfit. I like to have a dress outfit that I would wear to client meetings, but also a nice jean and blazer outfit that is professional, but is still comfortable.

4. Notebook and Pens

I am a sucker for office supplies. I love a good pen and notebook. I can’t explain the feeling I get when I start writing in a new notebook with a nice pen. It is just absolutely amazing. It is such a small thing, but I feel like I can conquer my entire to do list. Nothing can stop me:)

5. Functional Planner


Everyone plans differently. All of my work appointments are on my online calendar, but I prefer to have a planner that works for me professionally and personally. I can have on-going to do list for both parts of my life, radar items, and my daily plan from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. I love the planners from the Target Dollar Spot. They are inexpensive, but highly functional. I would suggest giving them a try. Having everything live in one place works for my brain.

Sadie’s Favs

I’m a Millennial working in an office of late Baby Boomers and early Gen X’s where staying professional and being a hard worker are the most important things in showing my co-works not all “Millennials are lazy”. To make this happen, I have my go-tos:

  1. Lipstick


A good colored lipstick that screams “ready to do business” without being too bright is what I like to get to wear to the office. I feel a little lip color really bring my look together and makes me feel more confident. I usually pick something a little more subdued for work since I want to be taken seriously but still gives the “Wow” factor. Oddly enough, the days I do wear my lipstick seem to go better than others. Coincidence? I think not! It is just the magic of lipstick.


When is comes to Mid-West weather, I’ve learned dressing in layers is a must but for the working girl it can be hard to stay warm, stylish, and professional all at the same time. So how do I solve this dilemma? The answer is a shawl – a fancy word for shoulder blanket. Shawls are great for keeping your look professional while staying cozy and they can easily be removed if you have to run to a meeting which makes it one of my favorite things in the office.

  1. Coffee Warmer

On the days when I don’t have my Yeti cup, my brew can go cold fast. That’s when I turn on my handy-dandy Coffee Warmer, a great little heating flat-type device that you can set your cup on like a coaster and it keeps your beverage warm. It is one of my favorite things that goes with me to every office I have ever worked in. Bonus: They’re super cheap!

  1. Headphones


No matter what type of office I’ve worked in, my headphones have been a must-have. They help me focus and stay motivated while doing repetitive tasks but also drowns out sounds that may be lowering my productivity.

  1. Motivational Desktop Wallpapers

I never thought I would be the type that would put up little “says” or pictures to keep me motivated but I was wrong. I have embraced the motivational wallpaper world! A few words on my screen at work helps to focus my emotions and remind me to keep things light while striving for the things I want at work. Get yourself some to keep you motivated!


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