Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide


As I am sure many of you know the holidays are only a few short weeks away. We are here to help you with your last minute shopping. Here is a list from each of us on some of the best last minute gifts to give.


Gift Cards – Some think this isn’t personal, however I think it shows the person you know their interests and tastes. Plus the person can get what they really want. Gift cards to restaurants and coffee shops are always an easy go-to!

Wine/Beer – I think wine or beer make for great gifts when you are heading to a party or for the person that has everything. Trying to figure out their tastes or get a small variety for them to sample. They may find something new they like.


Local Gift Basket – I think one of the best gifts I was ever given was a gift basket full of local items. It included food, candles, and other little treats. I think it shows pride of where you live and supports local businesses. A win-win!


Holiday Nostalgic Items – I tend to lean towards things that remind me of the holidays when I was younger, and I think these items make for great gifts too! Most people have seen holiday movies or specials and recognize things from them like the eggnog filled Moose Mugs from Christmas Vacation. Or go with a Blu-Ray set of the good ‘ol Holiday Specials that they can now share with their families.


Games – Not matter the interest or age, games always make a great gift. Even for those who really aren’t into games, you can find a little something they’d enjoy bringing out while hosting a dinner or family event. Try something everyone can play like Catch Phrase or Jenga.

Helpful Kitchen Items – Who couldn’t use a new set of Rubbermaid containers or collapsible measuring cups? Chances are people haven’t replaced those things in years and will really appreciate getting something they can actually use.


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