2017: Our Power Words

What is my power word? That is the question we asked ourselves when we sat down to start planning our January resolution series. Many people saying having one word to describe the upcoming year is a great way to make resolutions and understand where you are trying to go. We believe this is a great idea to keep your list of resolutions short and attainable.

Jessica’s Power Word: Action

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“2017 Memories” Jar

This year one of my resolution is to enjoy the moments. I have seen on Pinterest where people write notes of the things that happen throughout the year and then reads them on New Year’s Eve of that year.

Well….I found this jar in my storage room when I was doing some much needed organizing and thought that it would work great for this project. Read More

New Year Mini-Resolutions

The first of the year has come and gone, however we here at From One Cup to the Next still want to make some resolutions that can kick off our year right. Here a few mini resolutions that each of us have to get us the jump start we need to make some change this year.

Jessica’s Resolutions


I love to organize. I love to put things in nice, neat boxes with nice, neat labels. However this really just masks my problem of too much stuff. Some of the stuff I really love and enjoy. Other things I believe I am just storing. To start this year, I am going to simplify some of my spaces. I plan start off small. I would love to tackle my kitchen island drawers. They are prime real estate in my kitchen, but not everything in them is worth that real estate. By simplifying those drawers, it will really help me clear the clutter that is on my counter and and have the important stuff within arms reach.

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