New Year Mini-Resolutions

The first of the year has come and gone, however we here at From One Cup to the Next still want to make some resolutions that can kick off our year right. Here a few mini resolutions that each of us have to get us the jump start we need to make some change this year.

Jessica’s Resolutions


I love to organize. I love to put things in nice, neat boxes with nice, neat labels. However this really just masks my problem of too much stuff. Some of the stuff I really love and enjoy. Other things I believe I am just storing. To start this year, I am going to simplify some of my spaces. I plan start off small. I would love to tackle my kitchen island drawers. They are prime real estate in my kitchen, but not everything in them is worth that real estate. By simplifying those drawers, it will really help me clear the clutter that is on my counter and and have the important stuff within arms reach.


Enjoy The Moment

As a mother of an almost two year old, I want to take some time each day to spend just being with my child. No TV, no smartphone, no computer, no distractions. I want to play cars or basketball with him when he wants to. I need to put the million of things on my list aside and just spend time with him. As so many parents say, this time in his life is limited and I want to soak it up.

Make a Budget

I watch a lot of financial Youtubers and I love to hear their stories of killing their debt. My husband and I have been working for almost a decade. Some times have been good and others not so much. I would love to make a budget so that we can kill our student loan debt faster and make plans for our future.

Sadie’s Resolutions

Going for the Easy Wins

Big resolutions can be hard to stick with and time consuming leaving a lot of your happiness based on one thing. This year I’m going for the easy wins – things I can get done fast and leave me feeling good afterwards. I’ve got a list (And I’m sure you do too) of little things to get done around the home – Going through the mail/coupon/random paper stack, cleaning the fridge, redoing the decor on my bar cart, etc. These things take such little time I can do them every day and be left feeling amazing.miniresol_pic1_under-easy-wins-text

Get Moving

After several failed resolutions over the years, I’ve decided to go with something that take I consider “easy” and that doesn’t have to be all the time: Walking after my workouts. Sounds pretty standard right? I’m doing it a bit different. I work out with my fiance 3-4 times a week. Sometime the workouts rely on each other and sometimes they allow for us to go at our own pace. I tend to take less rest time between my lifting sets leaving time at the end where my fiance is still going at it and I’m just sitting around. Instead of wasting that waiting time I’m going to walk on the treadmill at whatever pace I feel like. The goal isn’t really to push myself but more just a way to start moving.



As my wedding is getting closer, I’ve noticed my apartment has been getting fuller and fuller of more new things. The “fullness” has been giving me a little bit of anxiety. So this year I’ve decided to get rid of at least 2 things out of each room. A small goal, but a good one. Even taking out a few items leaves me feeling less confined  and overall happier which is a challenge in the Iowa winter.
Join in the Mini-Resolution movement! Tell us what your mini-resolutions are in the comments.


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