Loving This Season of Life

Loving the season of life you are in is easier said than done, however when you take a step back to reflect you can see the blessings each stage of life brings. Here at From One Cup to the Next, we are in different stages of life. That is actually where the name for the blog came from. Well that and our love of drinking coffee.

In the spirit of the “love” month, we thought that we could reflect on each our unique stage of life we are in and the blessings it brings.

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Don’t Let Memories Define Your Life

Nostalgia is a big topic right now. It is everywhere from Space Jam clothes at Forever 21 to  Facebook Memories of pictures of our awkward teen years and days that once were. As a Millennial it is hard not to get caught up in it all. The conversation has changed from “Ugh, look at those choker necklaces”, to “Damn, I miss my jelly sandals”. I think it is safe to say Millennials have made nostalgia cool again.


Nostalgia has been creeping it’s way into my life more and more (mostly thanks to social media). As nostalgia has risen to new heights, people (myself included) have started noticing the negatives like hating on your body because you don’t look like your college freshman self or defining your new memories by things that once were. I even catch myself sometimes, hanging out with my old friends, and talking too much about “the good ‘ol days”.

I feel this may have defined my 2016. But, hell if I let it get another year. Being aware is the first step to focusing on the positives of the past and forgetting (or at least ignoring) the negatives. So far, my 2017 has been about making memories. Some days I don’t even look at my Facebook Memories Feed.  

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How to Make Valentine’s Day Special at Home

The old adage is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I am not sure I fully believe that. However, in the five years I have been married, I know that my husband loves when I make his favorite meal…spaghetti.

As Valentine’s Day nears and the pressure mounts, I think that maybe the best way to spend the holiday is at home making a favorite meal together.

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