Love Where You Live

This time of year in Iowa is always a tough one. The holidays have come and gone and the new year “new-ness” has worn off. Right now it is the middle of winter in Iowa. Some may call it hell, but we call it home. Here are some reasons why each of us loves where we live.


I – The illustrious skies – One of many things Iowa really has going for it is it’s beautiful sunsets and night time skies. Some may think having less cities is a negative, but after you see the stars brighter than you ever have before you may disagree. Sometimes being rural has it’s perks.

O – The openness – You can’t beat “Iowa nice”. Going from town to town you instantly feel like part of the community. We love how people can be so friendly and approachable. Even during the most chilling months, you’ll be surprised how warm a passer by’s smile and greeting can be.


W – The weather – Ok…Ok… we can admit that winter may not be our favorite season, but one blessing in Iowa is that we get to see all mother nature’s four seasons in all of its glory. In the winter we get see the white powder that is snow. In the spring, we get to hear the robins and see the tulips. In the summer we can enjoy the lake and sun and in the fall we can see the leaves turn from green to red or yellow or purple. If you can a step back (or inside), you really are lucky to live in a place like this.

A – The antiquity – Our home state has a vast history ranging in topics from Native American History to the Civil War through the Great Depression and World War II to how Iowa became the modern agriculture power house it is today. The state’s unique antiquity offers insights into how get got to where we are now. We can’t help but get excited about the diverse local history throughout the state. I’m thinking there may be an Iowa road trip in our futures!

Why do you love where you live?


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