How to Make Valentine’s Day Special at Home

The old adage is that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I am not sure I fully believe that. However, in the five years I have been married, I know that my husband loves when I make his favorite meal…spaghetti.

As Valentine’s Day nears and the pressure mounts, I think that maybe the best way to spend the holiday is at home making a favorite meal together.

Here is the recipe on how to jazz up this favorite meal and make the at-home date really special:

Start with the favorite meal.

At our house it is spaghetti and it is a staple. We make it at least every other week! If you are mind is anything like mine and is going in ten different directions, make sure that you add the ingredients to your shopping list days before hand. You don’t want to have to be spending the night in the grocery store picking up ingredients and then also having to cook!


Add in some favorite beverages

Grab a bottle of wine for yourself and the hubby his favorite beverage. Plus if you are like us, you will be eating with our son. Get the little on a favorite beverage as well like a special juice he only gets on rare occasions.

Mix in some delicious sides or apps

I serve garlic bread and a salad with spaghetti, but this time think of some other fun, delicious sides or favorite dressings for the salad.

Combine with a sweet treat

Last, grab a favorite treat for you to share after the little one is in bed. At our house it is nothing fancy, just our favorite ice cream. Yum!

Finish with a favorite show or movie together

I love the Big Bang Theory. What a better night that this to catch up on a favorite show together while enjoying the sweet treat.

What is your favorite meal to cook to make your significant other feel special? We would love to hear about it below!


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