Loving This Season of Life

Loving the season of life you are in is easier said than done, however when you take a step back to reflect you can see the blessings each stage of life brings. Here at From One Cup to the Next, we are in different stages of life. That is actually where the name for the blog came from. Well that and our love of drinking coffee.

In the spirit of the “love” month, we thought that we could reflect on each our unique stage of life we are in and the blessings it brings.



I’m at a stage where it feels like everything is limbo, always in the in between. When you finally reach that stage where you’ve been out of college a few years, you want start getting everything figured out while not exactly wanting to finish growing up either. Even though this stage in life keeps reminding me to pick a direction, it also grows deeper, longer lasting relationships in my life.

Yes, I have found the person I want to share the rest of my life with but finding a husband is not the only relationship I’m talking about. Since I finished college, I realized who the most important people in my life are. Family always comes first, no matter what. It is a special thing to know that no matter what you do, my family will always be there to support me and vice versa. It is such a relief off our relationship that we can laugh more, cry more, and make more, stronger memories together. The love I have for my family is strong and unbreakable and I hope to pass that on to the next generation in our family someday.

This stage has also helped me realize which people I need in my life and which I can live without. Some friends are meant to stay in the past. Good friends are almost like family. They share not only the good memories with you but also the bad ones. I heard once, “Friends are the family you choose”, and that can not be more true than it is for me.

This stage in life has a lot of ups and downs but it is the people that help me make it through. When the next stage comes, I hope I still have such amazing people to keep me going.


This season of life brings lots of extremes. Extreme happiness, extreme guilt, extreme exhaustion. My husband and I (with many family and friends) celebrated our son’s second birthday.

Since the birth of our son, I have been reflecting on our changing life and the joy one being can give. If I am honest, at the begin giving up my “freedom” was really hard. This little person needed everything from us and we were to provide it. It was hard, but there is one quote that stuck with me. “The days are long, but the years are short.” This quote couldn’t be more true for our life. There were some hard days, sleepless nights, and arguments with husband. However, we got through each day and learned to “run” as a new family of three. Now there are days that I come home from work exhausted and defeated, but the moment I see that little face the day changes. I am his mom! No one else can say that. Each new moment where he learns something new, I am here to witness it.

This stage not only consist of my family, but also my work and passions (and juggling all three). This stage of life is full of extreme guilt on all fronts. Am I being a good mother, good wife, good employee, etc.? However, I have really work in the past few months to push that feeling out of my head. I love that my son sees me working hard to provide for our family just as my husband does. My work is a value to me and I enjoy it. I believe I am a better mother to my son because of it. Not everyone’s personality is like mine, but this is what works for my family.
In this stage there still is a lot of unknown. I am still navigating my way through the work place and finding my niche. I am still to be honest trying to find my passion. God willing, there is still a lot of life ahead of me and I can’t wait to see what the next stage brings.


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