Flying with Kids: 5 Things You Need to Bring

Reading the title of this blog post you are probably already exhausted. Flying with kids is not easy. It is hard to predict how long they are going last before they have a melt down and to increase the situation, you are in a confined space with a hundred strangers judging your every parenting move.

Here are some things I brought a long to make our recent flight a little easier. Read More


Go To Trip Secrets

Traveling by air can be convenient, but sometimes it can be stressful. Here are some of our go-to trip secrets that could help you before you next flight.


Keep It Simple

When I travel for business, I try to keep things simple. I try to bring a similar color scheme of clothing so I can limit the shoes I need to bring. If you can limit the number of shoes it is always a win since they take up the most room.


Have A To Do List for the Plane

Not all the flights I go on have WiFi. A must for me is to have a to do list to do during the flight. As a working mom, time is very, very precious to me. I use this time to catch up on work reports, blog posts, grocery lists, and weekly planning. Read More