Go To Trip Secrets

Traveling by air can be convenient, but sometimes it can be stressful. Here are some of our go-to trip secrets that could help you before you next flight.


Keep It Simple

When I travel for business, I try to keep things simple. I try to bring a similar color scheme of clothing so I can limit the shoes I need to bring. If you can limit the number of shoes it is always a win since they take up the most room.


Have A To Do List for the Plane

Not all the flights I go on have WiFi. A must for me is to have a to do list to do during the flight. As a working mom, time is very, very precious to me. I use this time to catch up on work reports, blog posts, grocery lists, and weekly planning.

Skip All of the Books and Magazines

I am not sure about you, but my purse during travel is super heavy. I am lugging my computer and all of my work supplies all over the airport. The last thing I need to do is increase the weight of my purse by adding more books and magazines. Instead I load my iPad with the latest magazines, books, audiobooks, and podcasts.  

Pack a Snack

You know the feeling of wanting something when you can’t have it. You want it more than ever. That is me with food on a plane. I am not sure what it is, but as soon as I step on the plane I am starving. That is why I always pack a snack! It is usually popcorn or something savory, but it holds me over until we land.



Pack for the Ride, Not Just the Destination

It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement for where you’re going but things can be forgotten for the ride there. I’ve learned this the hard way through many trips back and forth from the West Coast to home when I was living in L.A. The plane ride and even the drive can get very long without things to do. I make sure to have everything I need for the travel portion of my trips – It is almost like packing twice. I have to organize and pack everything for the destination and organize and pack for the ride (usually in my personal item of  carry on) as well. If you train yourself to think of it as packing twice then you won’t forget anything!


Stay Hydrated for Cheap

Buying water at a gas station or in the airport seems easy but the dollars can rack up with every bottle. Bringing your own bottle (empty, if to the airport) can save you major dollars in the long run. I constantly struggle with this also, so now if I have to buy a water bottle I try to only buy once and keep the bottle with me to be reused.

Chargers and Headphones Are a Must

Long trips can really drain your electronics. I make sure to always charge every device I’m taking before I go plus an extra charger stick. I also make sure not to pack my wall charger away where I can’t get it. You never know when you’ll find an outlet to give your phone more juice!

Get Cozy and Take a Nap

Plane and car rides are so much better with a pillow and light blanket. I’ve learned to trips go by way faster with a snooze. Give it a try! Get comfy during your next excursion’s travel time and sleep the hours away.


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