Living with Less: 50 in 10 Declutter Challenge – The Results

We did it! Together we decluttered over 100 items in 10 days! The truth is it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be and we both admitted that after the challenge we were going to keep going.

The Method

If you missed the last blog post, we challenged ourselves to get rid of five things per day in 10 different rooms. The method was to take the task of decluttering and break it down into manageable daily tasks. The quicker you found five things the faster you were done.

We posted all of our progress on our Instagram account ( Read More


Living with Less: 50 in 10 Declutter Challenge


The Goal: Get rid of 5 things a day for 10 days to equal a total of 50 things each!

The Themes:

  • Day 1 – Closet
  • Day 2 – Guest Living
  • Day 3 – Bathroom
  • Day 4 – Outdoors
  • Day 5 – Kitchen
  • Day 6 – Bedroom
  • Day 7 – Entertaining Spaces
  • Day 8 – Hidden Spaces
  • Day 9 – Utility
  • Day 10 – Bonus Round!

Get ready. Get set. Get decluttering!

Follow our progress daily for the next 10 days on Instagram at