Favorite Vintage Finds

We have been sharing our favorite finds this month on Instagram. The items include anything from our favorite places to our favorite short cuts to our favorite podcasts. As sisters we share a lot of things in common, but we are still in different stages of our lives and have many different favorite things. That being said, one thing we do share is a love for vintage items. It is in our blood from our grandparents to our parents. Here are a few of our favorite things:

Sadie’s List:

Sugar Bowl

I use to buy Truvia packets all the time but decided to switch to buying in bulk and in a whole container to me frugal and save a little change. Jess and I are lucky to come from and vintage and antique loving family, and when I asked our mom if she could keep an eye out for one, she cam back with options to pick from! I choose this one because of how unique it looks and sturdy it feels. Though the Grecian look doesn’t fit my kitchen it still seems to fit right in with the decor.


Vintage Cook Book

There is just something special about Grandma’s cooking. This cook book hold the recipes of not only our relatives but also those of everyone we grew up with. (#SmallTownLiving) What’s even better is since this cook book came out before I was born, I got to grow up on the recipes and now get to keep them alive in my own cooking.


Traveling Bar

A way to keep out booze in one place while we travel. As a lover of spirits, this was a great gift! Now it is like I can take my bar cart any where I go. I can’t wait to use this on picnics and at grill-outs this summer.


Peanuts Lunch Box

I can be such a Peanut’s nerd some times – I am slowly growing a collection of Peanut’s items. I pride myself on keeping (almost) only things I can use and have several functions. Most of my Peanut’s collection is regularly used but this piece specifically is my guilty pleasure. I keep it more for sentimental reasons than for use but, as they say, it does spark joy for me so it stays in the keep pile.


Vintage Glasses

I love giving items another life. These glasses were more popular when our parent’s were growing up but they hold a special place in my heart. They remind me that just because something is old doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a use.

Jess’ List:

Metal pitcher and Bee Hive Measuring Cups
These two pieces have a special place in my heart and in my kitchen. The heart of our home. I found the metal pitcher with a friend at a local orchard and antique shop for $1.50. I love the farmhouse feel and the functionality. Plus it reminds of that fun day with a friend. The measuring cups were found with my mom and again, I love the functionality. It is also a piece that is usual and it doesn’t take a lot space in my kitchen.
Pyrex and Ball Jars
My Pyrex Collection started 6 years ago when Grandpa gave me a couple bowls for my wedding. From that point I have received many pieces and have kept my collection growing. I love the simple print and it goes great with my gray and yellow kitchen. As far as the ball jars, I love the simple look and how extremely functional they are in organizing my kitchen and use of drinking glasses. Again, fits the modern farmhouse look I love.
My mother has something very similar to this and I have always admired it. Last year, she gave me one and I love it. At one time in held K-Cups and another it held Christmas ornaments. Currently it is holding my growing collection of wine corks.
What are some of your favorite vintages finds? We would love to see them.

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