Work Day Favorites

We talk so much about what our favorite things to do are or what we love about home but we forget about the other major part of our lives. We’re both driven career women and work does take up a lot of our day so we’ve decided to give you a peek into some of our favorite things at work and how we make it through our Monday-Friday 8-5 jobs.

Blazer and Flats

I work in a very relaxed office so there is no real dress code, but I have seen I am more productive and feel more “on top of it” when I wear a cute blazer, skinny jeans, and a pair of flats. It is relaxed enough that I feel like I can get a lot of things done without fidgeting with my outfit all day, but still put together.

To Do List and Favorite Pen

I am a list maker and I love my Target to do list pads that they come out with every season. This one was from this past spring and it just seems to fit my work life right now, plus this Pilot G2 pen is one of my favorites! A good to do list and a good pen can turn my day around 🙂 Yes I am a dork.


Since I am a self-proclaim list lover, my planner is a favorite of mine. I love to decorate my week, but also brain dump everything that is going on in my life. It is the only way that I can keep all the balls in the air.


I know I am late to the party, but every working woman needs a Yeti! I love that keeps my coffee hot throughout my entire morning, not that it usually last that long. It is the small joy of my day!

Every career woman needs a bag she loves. I by no means spend a lot on my work bags, but I have gotten a few of my favorites from Target and TJ Maxx. It just required to be able to fit my laptop, notebooks, and have lots of pockets for organization.

My Favorite Podcasts

I am such a true crime nerd. Mix that with my ability to be productive while listening to things and you’ve got what I do “on the reg” while working. I learned early on that if I wanted to get something done I needed to be listening to something. Music has been a great fall back but if I heard someone talking I always seem to get more done. Some of my go to’s include “My Favorite Murder” (A much less rehearsed and serious take on true crime) and “The Generation Why Podcast” (Very well researched and gets straight to the facts).

Sticky Notes
I love my planner and online calendar but I break everything up per day with those tools. For tasks that aren’t immediate or are random thoughts I use a variety of sticky notes to stay organized. I pride myself on organization and making sure things don’t get lost in the shuffle. Without my sticky notes the whole system would crumble.

Cord Holders

This is a new thing for me but I’ve heard so much about cord holders online and had to give them a try. Ever since I’ve gotten them I have loved them! They are great if you know you unplug things a lot like I do to take my work lap top home PLUS they are supper cheap on Amazon.

My Desk Décor

I’ve definitely had jobs where I didn’t decorate my desk at all and ones that I’ve gone all out. Personally, my work day seems happier with a little décor on my deck to make it feel warm and homie. It really keeps things in prospective and reminds me the not stress the small stuff.

Desk Toiletries

Another thing I’ve learned from my career is that you are going to need toiletries unexpectedly, and there is nothing worse than having cracked lips or dry hands all day long at work. I keep Mary Kay lotion and lip balm at my desk to help keep me moisturized as well as nail clippers and other survival items to keep me sane!


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