Preparing Your Heart and Home for the Holidays – Part 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. At least it can be. We have come up with a two part series of preparing your heart and your home for the holidays.

This year, we have made a commitment to keep to the holidays special by preparing ourselves for the holidays. Here are some ideas of how we are doing that. 


  1. This isn’t super earth shattering, but keeping all of the holiday activities and to dos organized reduces my stress and anxiety. I love to have a plan of what gifts I need to purchase, what food dishes I am going to bring to what party, and what fun seasonal activities we want to do. It seems a little (a lot) OCD, but you have to find the little things that will reduce the stress and keep the holidays fun.
  2. Come to terms that you can’t do it all! Trying to jam ten holiday activities in four weekends while visiting family and friends equals burn out for me. This year I have created a list of one or two activities we will do weekly, but if we don’t get to all of them than there is always next year. Having fun together and creating traditions is what is important to me.
  3. Taking time to remind yourself how blessed you actually are. In the hustle and bustle of this season, I can lose sight of what is really important. I know in the end, my family will not remember the gifts they received, but the memories we made. Spending time with the ones I love is the best blessing I have this year.


  1. From Thanksgiving through New Years, the holiday season can be a busy time. We all want it to go perfect but one thing I’ve learned is to focus on the people you are spending time. Yes, gifts are nice and putting up decorations feels festive but those are not the most important things to concentrate on. It is okay to use paper plates instead of the fine china if the people you are with are those that really matter to you.
  2. Don’t forget yourself. The holiday plans focus a lot around other people and their plans which is important but don’t forget to do something special for yourself like a massage or the gift you don’t feel comfortable asking others for. It is good to treat yourself once in awhile – It might even help you stay sane over the season.
  3. Ask people plans early. Like Jess said above, you can’t do it all. Ask your friends and family when would work for them to get together. Let them know it is because you want to make sure you are able to see them and tell them how special they are to you.

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