Preparing Your Heart and Home for the Holidays – Part 2

Preparing your home for the holidays can be one of the most fun things you do this season, but it can also be overwhelming. We both love decorating and keeping our home a place where our families and friends can relax and have fun. Here are some tips on preparing the home for the holidays and some of our favorite decor spots.


  1. Start some decorating traditions.

I have a young family and one of the best things this time of year is to see the joy of Christmas through my son’s eyes. Starting some traditions inside the home is very important to me. I have fond memories of decorating the Christmas tree, making homemade goodies, and watching holiday movies.

Now that my son is almost three, this year we put up the Christmas tree as a family and had a great time decorating. The one thing I learned is to take is slow. Not everything is going to perfect and not everything has to be done immediately. Enjoy the season and if that means putting up your tree and decor a little later than that is just fine.

2. Your style may evolve and that is ok.

Over the past few years, I have had trouble getting rid of any of my holiday decor. Most of the pieces I loved, but they didn’t seem to fit my style or look any more. I held on to them thinking I would find a place for them some day.

This year I gave myself to permission to put up what I love or has good memories for me and forget the rest. Once I gave myself permission to let go, it was time for those items to leave so someone else could enjoy them. This is the perfect time of year to let things go that just aren’t bringing you joy and just don’t fit in the space.

3. Make the effort to return.

If you are anything like Sadie and I, we hit the Target Dollar Spot hard at the holiday time. Target comes out with so many cute things, but this year I noticed I made room in my decor for things I loved the most and returned the rest. Sometimes you have to play around with your decor, but I had to make sure I made the effort to return the items I didn’t have room for.  


  1. Adapt your decor, buy a few new things, and get rid of what doesn’t fit.

If you’re a millennial like me, you may have moved around a bit since leaving Mom and Dad’s house. This can affect how your holiday decor looks. You may realize you want to add a few things and other holiday decor just doesn’t work. This has happened to me every year or so including this year. I was able to find a home for most everything but a few things just didn’t fit so most of it went to the Goodwill pile. I kept only my favorites which was a good decluttering challenge within itself but I’m happy I did it. I’m not big on leaving a lot of things stored in a closet long term so it felt good to rid myself of a little extra clutter.

  1. Plan your layout for gifts and christmas cards.

It may sound like common sense planning but if your decor is more on the minimal side like mine you may need to do a little extra planning in these areas. I use a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree so planning for layout can be difficult. I put the tree up on a tall chair so we can pile presents around the base and the tree doesn’t get lost under it all. The Christmas Cards have been more of a challenge this year since we don’t have our usual card holder like we’ve had in the past but I am working to make everything fit. Next year, I plan to focus more on this by getting bigger card holder.

  1. Going minimal is okay.

Our holiday decor is minimal. Apartment life doesn’t leave much space for decor but I have learned that it is okay to go on the lighter side than try to over due it. I like having open space in our apartment and it seems to make hosting a lot easier. Packing up decorations has also been super easy – I can change up from holiday to holiday in less than a few hours. So my best advice is do what feel right to you. If you want to go big, do it. If you rather stay small, don’t let the holiday pressure affect how you decorate. You don’t have to “Keep you with the Joneses”.


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