It’s Never Too Early…To Holiday Prep

It is official. Christmas is three months away. This year we are putting together some tips to start now to make the holidays a little easier and less stressful.

Jess’ Tips

  1. Start Planning Early

Celebrating the holidays with kids is the best! It is so exciting to see the holidays through their eyes, however it can be a lot of pressure. I suggest start planning your holiday bucket list now for a couple of reasons. One, the tickets for certain activities go on sale soon and if you don’t plan ahead than you may miss out. Two, you may a lot of things that sound fun and exciting, but may lose track of time once the holiday time is in full swing. It is never too early to start planning!

  1. Budget!!!

This is one thing I began last year after the holidays. I put a certain amount of money aside every pay period so that when I begin to holiday shop there isn’t a large credit card bill to follow. If you haven’t started doing this, it is not too late. Start putting a certain amount away in a separate savings account so you don’t start the new year with a lot of debt.  Read More


The Big 6 – Our Marriage Advice

As everyone says, marriage is hard. We have discussed many times the struggles we have, but also how great it is to have a partner to explore this crazy world. We took some time over the past week to write some things we have learned in our marriages and are calling this post the BIG 6, as Sadie has been married 6 months and Jess has been married 6 years.

Read More

How our Heads, Hearts, Hands, and Health have been Shaped by 4-H:

As two girls born and raised in Iowa many things have shaped us into the women we are today. One of those “things” was our love and passion for 4-H. We were not your stereotypical 4-Her that many think of when you hear or discussion 4-H, but we believe that organization gave us many experiences and skills we use today as adults.

Many of you know, but 4-H stands for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Below we each give our take on each of the four Hs.




As many of you know that 4-H “show” at the fair. Anything from cows to chickens to bake goods to science projects. There different categories that fit all kinds of interests. There were times that I bit off more than I could chew, but learning to manage time as the fair approached was key to making sure that I was able to exhibit all of projects I worked on. Some of the my favorite projects include making my grandmother’s cinnamon rolls, sewing and modeling a dress, and giving presentations on various topics. Some other favorite memories are some projects that didn’t turn out as well – aka my table runner that I tried to sew and turned out horrific! I can still laugh about it. Read More