The F Challenge: No Grocery Shopping

As you know here at From One Cup to the Next, we are doing the “F” challenge..aka Frugal February. Last week we were to not go grocery shopping Monday through Friday. It doesn’t sound hard, but there were some challenges.


Ok to be completely honest, I did stock up on milk and bananas on the Sunday before we started the challenge. My second confession is that I was traveling the first two days of the challenge for work so that also assisted in our no grocery shopping challenge. Read More


The F Challenge: Frugal February

The first month of the year is done, and if you are anything like us, you may be looking a goals that you have for the rest of the year and figuring how you make those happen financially. Each of us have little vacations planned this year and we decided that it may be nice to “tighten our belts” it bit over the next month to see if we can put a few dollars away for those trips later in the year. Enter the F challenge! Ok, that sounds a little ridiculous, but Frugal February is here so we can have Fun and Funds later in the year!

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Five Day Self Improvement Challenge

January is full of resolutions for the year and like most people I suck at keeping them. This time around Jess and I decided to try something a little different to keep us motivated – a five day challenge made up on “one day only” mini challenges. You may be saying “How is that supposed to improve your life if you only do it for a day?” Well, let me tell you before you completely write this off: Yes – These changes didn’t blow our minds or completely turn our lives around for the better but they were easy wins that left us feeling good so if anything, our mental health increased for the better. We also were able to try a few different things which helps us figure out what works and what doesn’t for our life styles. Check it out:  Read More