10×10 Capsule Wardrobe – Jess’ Take

The Concept

Last month Sadie and I did a little experiment to see if we could wear 10 articles of clothing for 10 days better known as the “10×10 challenge”. As we were giving this a try, our 10×10 challenge did not include accessories, shoes, undergarments, or athletic wear.

The Experiment


One of the hardest part of the challenge for me was picking out the ten items. I kept thinking, what if it rains, what if the weather changes suddenly, or am I picking the “right” things? I gave myself 15 minutes to pick out my items in order to not overthink it. Read More


10×10 Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Sadie’s Take

I know we haven’t posted in a while – Summertime can be so crazy! But don’t worry, we did not forget about you. Jess and I have been working on things for the blog even with the lack of posting. You can see what we’re up to day-to-day on our Instagram account.

Speaking of Insta-Fab-Gram, we recently did a Capsule Wardrobe Challenge called “The 10×10 Challenge” where we took 10 pieces of clothing, our “capsule wardrobe”, and mixed and matched those items to wear out to live our daily lives for 10 days. Spoiler: Oh boy did I hate it.

There were pros for sure from the experience but overall, I’m not a fan. I thought I might like it because I love the idea of a minimalistic lifestyle but I learned real fast that it doesn’t fit my life at all. Read More

Our “Week of Chicken”

My life has been a bit crazy here at the beginning of summer. Between an increased work schedule, nightly activities, and a laundry basket that never seems to be empty, life has gotten busy, but that doesn’t mean my family doesn’t have to eat or we can do takeout every night. Check out my meal planning tips here

Last week Sadie and I challenged ourselves to a “week of chicken”. The challenge was to cook a whole chicken and see the meals we can make out of them. See Sadie’s recipes and tips here. I love how she said that cooking and meals don’t have to be complicated and she is right! A whole chicken is so versatile and once cooked, lasts forever in your fridge.

My “Week of Chicken” Meals

Read More