End of Summer Desk Makeovers

Cubicle sweet cubicle. If you are anything like us, you spend more of your awake time at work than you do at your own house. One article that we read said the people spend almost six hours sitting at their desk every day! Given that we spend so much time at our work “homes, we thought it was time to give our desks some makeovers. 


On any given day, my desk is covered in papers, post-it reminders, coffee mugs, snacks, and other miscellaneous items. I work in high energy, fast-pace work environment. Given the speedy nature of my work, there are many days that I am moving from one project to another very quickly. I am trying to get everyone the answers they need and projects completed on time.

Knowing the challenges I faced, I knew that I needed to clear the clutter and set up a space that could function at a high level with very little energy and brainpower.

The Before

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Toy Rotation – A Must for Moms!

As my son continues to grow, the accumulation of stuff grows. Kids are constantly outgrown clothes, books, games, and toys. Finding storage solutions is one of my favorite things (yes, I am a nerd), but sometimes it just masks the problem. I found that even though G’s toys were put away nicely, he had a hard time playing because of pure excess.  I decided to give toy rotation a try, purely because I couldn’t get myself to donate his toys. I thought it seemed like a lot of work, but I decided to give it a try with just a few toys that G had seem to have lost interested in. My thought was two of things could happen. He would either asking me for the toy I stored or he wouldn’t even notice. As you can image, the latter was true. I was so surprised how much easier it was for him to find the stuff he wanted and how easy cleaning it up became. Now, every couple weeks he thinks he is getting new toys.

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Work Day Favorites

We talk so much about what our favorite things to do are or what we love about home but we forget about the other major part of our lives. We’re both driven career women and work does take up a lot of our day so we’ve decided to give you a peek into some of our favorite things at work and how we make it through our Monday-Friday 8-5 jobs.

Blazer and Flats

I work in a very relaxed office so there is no real dress code, but I have seen I am more productive and feel more “on top of it” when I wear a cute blazer, skinny jeans, and a pair of flats. It is relaxed enough that I feel like I can get a lot of things done without fidgeting with my outfit all day, but still put together.

To Do List and Favorite Pen

I am a list maker and I love my Target to do list pads that they come out with every season. This one was from this past spring and it just seems to fit my work life right now, plus this Pilot G2 pen is one of my favorites! A good to do list and a good pen can turn my day around 🙂 Yes I am a dork. Read More