New Recipe Challenge: Beef and Broccoli

Do you have a go-to takeout meals that you love to get on the weekends? In our house it is Chineses, however it is never as good as it sounds. I have been thinking to myself that this is something I need to learn to make. Enter the New Recipe Challenge!

Recently we stocked our freezer with local beef. With that order, we received round steak. I never cooked round steak. So obviously I went to Pinterest and was able to find a crockpot recipe for beef and broccoli. Read More


November New Recipe Challenge: Enchiladas

Is anyone out there in a food rut or is it just me? Well after a fun conversation with Sadie, I learned that she was somewhat in the same boat. What came out of the conversation? A challenge. We challenged each other over the next few weeks to find a new recipe to try. I love this challenge as I need a jump start in the meal planning department. Overall my meal planning is top notch. The problem…the meals I repeat every, single month. If you were a fly in my home, you would hear this come out of my husband’s mouth, “Tatar tot casserole again this week” or “Enough with the chili.” The thing is I don’t disagree with him. My meal selection is definitely in a rut. Enter…The November New Recipe Meal Challenge! Read More