Toy Rotation – A Must for Moms!

As my son continues to grow, the accumulation of stuff grows. Kids are constantly outgrown clothes, books, games, and toys. Finding storage solutions is one of my favorite things (yes, I am a nerd), but sometimes it just masks the problem. I found that even though G’s toys were put away nicely, he had a hard time playing because of pure excess.  I decided to give toy rotation a try, purely because I couldn’t get myself to donate his toys. I thought it seemed like a lot of work, but I decided to give it a try with just a few toys that G had seem to have lost interested in. My thought was two of things could happen. He would either asking me for the toy I stored or he wouldn’t even notice. As you can image, the latter was true. I was so surprised how much easier it was for him to find the stuff he wanted and how easy cleaning it up became. Now, every couple weeks he thinks he is getting new toys.

Wondering how I did it? Here are some tips I wish I would have known before starting. Read More

Favorite Vintage Finds

We have been sharing our favorite finds this month on Instagram. The items include anything from our favorite places to our favorite short cuts to our favorite podcasts. As sisters we share a lot of things in common, but we are still in different stages of our lives and have many different favorite things. That being said, one thing we do share is a love for vintage items. It is in our blood from our grandparents to our parents. Here are a few of our favorite things: Read More

Living with Less: 50 in 10 Declutter Challenge – The Results

We did it! Together we decluttered over 100 items in 10 days! The truth is it wasn’t as hard as we thought it would be and we both admitted that after the challenge we were going to keep going.

The Method

If you missed the last blog post, we challenged ourselves to get rid of five things per day in 10 different rooms. The method was to take the task of decluttering and break it down into manageable daily tasks. The quicker you found five things the faster you were done.

We posted all of our progress on our Instagram account ( Read More