Three Routines That Work!

Ok, I have a confession. I am a routine junky! I watch videos on routines on YouTube. I read routine article on Pinterest. Hi, I am Jessica and I love routines. I admit it!

To my defense, I do believe that routines make me more productive and keep my life moving without a ton of thought and work. Here are my top three routines that help keep me on track. Read More


F Challenge: No Eating Out!

Two down, one to go! Check out last week’s challenge here! We just finished Week Two of our “Frugal February Challenge” with the goal of not eating out Monday through Friday. We did end up cheating a little on Friday night since both of us had special occasion dinner plans so as the saying goes, “You can’t win them all”.

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The F Challenge: Frugal February

The first month of the year is done, and if you are anything like us, you may be looking a goals that you have for the rest of the year and figuring how you make those happen financially. Each of us have little vacations planned this year and we decided that it may be nice to “tighten our belts” it bit over the next month to see if we can put a few dollars away for those trips later in the year. Enter the F challenge! Ok, that sounds a little ridiculous, but Frugal February is here so we can have Fun and Funds later in the year!

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