About Us

From One Cup To The Next About Us

We’re two Iowa sisters with different interests and tastes. We are in different stages of our lives.  But we know that “blood is always thicker than water.” We lean on each other, laugh together, and always have each other’s backs.

From one cup to the next, we invite you to come along with us as we document our journey of life, love, travel, and family.

Get to know us a little more:


Hi, I am Jessica. I am a mother to the best little boy, a wife to an amazing man, and a girl that loves to run her home efficiently. I love to meal plan, organize, and decorate on a budget. Family is everything to me, and I strive every day to be and do better than yesterday.

Three things you didn’t know about me:

  1. I am a Target-aholic. I love Bullseye’s Playground, the clearance endcaps, and the warm Starbucks latte I get while I shop:)
  2. My husband and I love watching football and basketball together. It gets a little intense sometimes, but always fun.
  3. My to do list gives me peace, especially when I get to cross things off!


Hello – Sadie Here! I am a young adult semi-fresh out of college on the path of starting my career and family. I enjoy spending my time on things that involve food, fitness, fun, friends, and family. I like staying busy and the more I can fit into my day the better. Not to say I don’t enjoy a well earned nap.

A few little fun facts about me:

  1. I am DIY challenged. I like to try new crafts and projects with only about 30% turning out right. The simpler the project the more likely I am to get it wrong but that doesn’t stop me from trying.
  2. Netflix binging should be listed on my resume under skills. I should get awards for my long marathons.
  3. My fandom runs deep and I’m proud to call myself some-what of a geek. Fantasy worlds hold potential to visit places unheard of, and I love being able to live other lives through movies, TV, books, and more.



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