November New Recipe Challenge: Honey Garlic Shrimp

Another new recipe success! Last night I made some quick, easy honey garlic shrimp. I served the shrimp with veggies and rice – my MO. It was delicious! Read More


November New Recipe Challenge: 15 Minute Chicken and Veggies

I am no newbie to trying new recipes – I’m still at an age where I haven’t really nailed down what exactly are my go-to meals which is a blessing and curse. Because of this meal planning is fun but also very challenging. I constantly try new recipes but very few make it to the recipe box. The one I have for you today is definitely a keeper. It is quick, easy, and pretty yummy. This recipe is going to become my new answer instead of going for the fast food when we want something quick.  Read More

Operation Preparation: Holiday Kitchen Prep

We don’t want to sound the alarms, but Thanksgiving is only weeks away. Even though we aren’t hosting this year, there are a few things we like to do in preparation for the holiday season. We believe #OperationPreparation starts in the kitchen. The heart of both of our homes.


  1. Clean out the fridge and freezer 

First things first, my fridge and freezer both need a little TLC. I haven’t really had a chance since the end of the summer to go through what I have and discard what is not go anymore or make plans to use what I have within my meal plan. Decluttering and cleaning my fridge and freezer is number one on my list.

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