Why I Love the Farmers Market

Hello, Sadie here. I’m going to tell you about how much I love the Farmers Markets. I really cannot get enough of them.

I know a lot of people like Farmers Markets because you get more natural items and support local farmers – This is great, but this is only a few aspects of why I enjoy the Farmers Market. For me, it is like an event. It may not be like this in smaller communities, but in the Greater Des Moines Area, Farmers Markets are more like little fairs with food vendors, handmade goods like scarves, jewelry, etc., local wines, cupcake makers, and so much more!

The last time I went, we got farm fresh eggs, meat from a small town locker, baked bread, jam, fresh vegetables, and enjoyed coffee and dumplings as a snack. It was a great way to kill time and shop. One thing I really like is how some vendors supply samples to try their goods before you buy. In our area, the prices tend to be higher than going to the grocery store so being able to try before I buy is greatly appreciated. If you’re trying to save some cash, Farmers Markets may not be the best choice for you but it definitely is a fun experience! Read More


Our “Week of Chicken”

My life has been a bit crazy here at the beginning of summer. Between an increased work schedule, nightly activities, and a laundry basket that never seems to be empty, life has gotten busy, but that doesn’t mean my family doesn’t have to eat or we can do takeout every night. Check out my meal planning tips here

Last week Sadie and I challenged ourselves to a “week of chicken”. The challenge was to cook a whole chicken and see the meals we can make out of them. See Sadie’s recipes and tips here. I love how she said that cooking and meals don’t have to be complicated and she is right! A whole chicken is so versatile and once cooked, lasts forever in your fridge.

My “Week of Chicken” Meals

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What to Make From a Whole Chicken – Sadie’s Recipes and Tips

Jess and I both like to cook whole chickens to use in various recipes through out the week. We’ve done this so many times before, but last week we decided to document to process and provide a little insight to what we’ve learned along the way.

A Few Tips from Sadie:

Do Your Research

When I first started making whole chickens as part of my meal prep process, it was difficult to think of the top of my head what to make after I had it ready. I did a little research and started saving recipes that used “precooked chicken”. Finding the right key words to search was difficult at first but after I started seeing “precooked chicken” in recipes I knew those ones would be perfect to use when I make a whole chicken. So, if you are looking for a starting point, before you even take that whole chicken out of the freezer do a little digging to find out what you want to use it for.

Buy What You’ll Eat

Good news, whole chickens come in different sizes. If you’re like my husband and me, a normal size whole chicken is way too much for us and we end up getting tired of it before it is gone. Now I by smaller, “younger” whole chickens which are cheaper and still make a ton of recipes.

Think Basic

Don’t worry too much about adding a ton of flavor to your chicken when you initially cook it (unless you are eating is by itself as a stand along dish). You’re going to use the chicken in a few different recipes that will probably contain seasoning and have a mix of flavors. You don’t want your chicken to have a flavor that doesn’t mix well with your other recipes – I suggest finding one good recipes for cooking a crock pot chicken and stick to it every time. Jess and I have different ones we use – I season my chicken with light oil, salt, pepper, a few lemons if I have them, ginger, and green onion.

Now For the Recipes:  Read More